In today’s technology-driven world, the significance of cybersecurity has never been more critical. With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated and pervasive, there is a pressing need to develop a skilled workforce capable of protecting our digital assets and privacy.

Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence


To establish a leading-edge Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence within
academic/research institutions that serves as a beacon of knowledge,
innovation, and collaboration, empowering students, faculty, and the
community to excel in the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity and contribute
to a safer digital world.


Our mission is to cultivate a dynamic and inclusive environment within
institutions where cybersecurity expertise is nurtured, cutting-edge research
thrives, and partnerships flourish.

Types of CCoE

Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence (CCoE)

This is allotted at Institutional level with a minimum of 500 students registrations

National Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence (NCCoE)

This is allotted at National level with a minimum of 1000 students registrations

AI-Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence (AI-CCoE)

This is allotted at National level with a minimum of 2000 students registrations

Key Elements of CCoE

Cybersecurity is an ever-growing concern in today’s digital age. Establishing centres of excellence in INDIA is a proactive step towards keeping our information and networks secure

Flexible Curriculum

Curriculum is tailored to the needs of the industry and updated continuously to
provide students with up-to-date information and skills necessary to succeed in their career.

Internship and Job Opportunities

The centres of excellence provide internship and job opportunities to connect
students with businesses and organizations in the cybersecurity field.

Mentorship and Advising

Students will be supported both inside and outside the classroom with opportunities for mentorship and advising from industry professionals and academic advisors

Realistic Scenarios

Centres of excellence create realistic scenarios in training that replicate possible
threats and challenges that cybersecurity experts may encounter.

Funding & Sustainability

NICC Grant/Funding:

Seek financial support from NICC, Government
Ministries and other agencies dedicated to education, research, and cybersecurity

Industry Sponsorship:

Collaborate with cybersecurity companies to secure
funding for research projects and training programs.

Self-Sustaining Programs:

Develop certification programs and professional
courses that generate revenue to support the center.

Eligibility and Approvals

All academic and corporate institutions are eligible to apply for Cybersecurity
Centre of Excellence in your organizations. CCoE/NCCoE/AI-CCoE.

Applications are subject to approval after due diligence and fulfilment of NICC’s requirements.

For Application form, detailed eligibility and approval process, you can get in
touch with us at