Grants and Funding to our CCoE/Research Centers

Grants & Financial Assistance

National Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence (NCCoE)

Upto Rs. 2 Crore

AI – Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence (AI-CCoE)

Upto Rs. 5 Crore


  • Only National Level (NCCoE) & AI-CCoE Centres are eligible
    Application for grant can be submitted after 6/9 months of establishment of the centre
  • Special grants might be given to few centres based on case-to-case basis subject to discretion of NICC
  • Amount sanctioned depends on various factors – no. of students enrolled in membership, centre activities, students reached, programs conducted…etc…
  • A performance report to be submitted by the centre to NICC for pursual along with the grant application form
  • A proposal for the usage of grant also to be submitted
  • Grants are to be issued on institution name/institution registered bank accounts only

CCoE Process Overview

1. Submission

The initial step is the submission of the application form, fee, and necessary documents to NICC for setting up a CCoE.

2. Audit & Verification

A meticulous audit and verification of details by the NICC team to ensure compliance and readiness for a CCoE establishment.

3. Establishment Approval

Final setup of the CCoE or NCCoE, after ensuring the number of students and the
institution meets NICC’s stringent criteria for Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence.